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Anyone moving from Los Angeles to Miami must love the surf and sand. Moving literally from coast to coast is the longest move you can make while finding yourself in the same sunny climate on both ends of your journey. Rarely do you have the chance to travel from glittering West Coast to the deepest southern point of the West Coast, much less with a moving truck as part of your caravan!

Making this move is a huge geographical leap. Fortunately, your wardrobe won't have to change a bit. Of course, you still have to pack up everything you own and transport your sunny lifestyle across a 3000-mile trek but you don't have to do it alone. The expert relocation movers of Solomon & Sons is here to help with more than just a truck and a team. We are a full-service moving company proud to offer a comprehensive relocation service for nation-wide moves. Our team will help you make it from the Golden State all the way to the Sunshine State.

A Comprehensive Relocation with Cross Country Movers

Moving from LA to Miami is more common than you might think. Many people move between the coasts because their work involves a warm shoreline or their employers have set up on all the sunniest beaches in the country for trade and demographic reasons. Some move for family, some migrate to retire, and some people just decide that they'd rather enjoy the Southern tip of the East Coast as a subtle change of palm-tree adorned scenery

Whatever reason you're making the move, it's a long one and not one you want to take on without preparation. A smart move from Los Angeles to Miami is planned over several months with plenty of time to pack, secure your new home, and arrange for all the moving services you need along the way. Of course, even if you have to relocate in a hurry, we can help you take care of everything so that you can start your new life in Miami the moment you arrive.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

Solomon & Sons are nationwide movers and we are proud to offer a complete and comprehensive relocation service for interstate moves that cross a single border or those that span the entire country like yours. Moving from Los Angeles to Miami can be a huge challenge, but with a great long-distance moving team you will have so much less to worry about.

Our moving services cover a wide range so that you can be confident in the highest quality of service and arrange for everything you need to complete this relocation in style.

The services we offer include:

  • Free, in-home estimates
  • Modern moving equipment
  • Background checked employees—including many veterans
  • Short-term and long-term storage solutions in temperature-controlled, secure facilities
  • A multilingual staff
  • Competitive, guaranteed pricing
  • Full-service or partial packing services
  • Standard insurance valuation
  • Replacement-cost insurance available upon request

Our services are designed to provide whatever you need from relocation. Whether you need packing or partial packing services, storage solutions, or multilingual staff to make your move work, we are ready to provide.

Contact Us for a Full-Service Miami Relocation

If you are planning a move from Los Angeles to Miami and are interested in the convenience of a full-service moving company, contact us today. We will work with you to arrange the best possible schedule for the packing, moving, and storage solutions you need and the arrival time that will make your relocation a complete success.

Solomon & Sons would be honored if you chose us to be your interstate relocation service. Call or reach out through the website to find out more about what we can do for your Los Angeles to Miami relocation.