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Making the move from Los Angeles, California all the way to Orlando, Florida is a big change. Though they are both warm tropical climates near the ocean, the two city's personalities couldn't be more different. Los Angeles is all about show business and movie stars are spotted on a regular basis grabbing coffee between shoots. You can spot stars in Orlando, too, but they're probably wearing a cartoon costume doing a themed event or birthday party. Whether you're coming for the parks or one of the perfectly mundane reasons to move to a big city like Orlando, that Disney Magic isn't going to teleport your possessions from coast to coast with the wave of a sparkling wand.

Realistically, moving from LA to Orlando is a big jump for anyone, and you still need to take care of all the necessary logistics, from packing your things to securing the keys to your new place. And with a move this big, no one can tackle it alone. Fortunately, you don't have to.

Full-Service Cross Country Movers and Relocation

When you need to completely transport your entire household across the country, the best place to look is full-service movers. A full-service nationwide relocation team can become your one-stop shop for everything you need to complete the move in a single graceful transition. No need to worry about making multiple trips, fumbles during the packing process, or coordinating your drive on the longest road trip in the nation.

When you work with Solomon & Sons Relocation services, we'll take care of every possible logistic so that you can drive or fly and meet us there on whatever schedule works best for you. Need assistance packing up safely and on time? No problem, our full-service or partial packing services can make sure all of your possessions are packaged safely before loading the truck. Need a few days or weeks of storage because housing timing doesn't always work out perfectly? We've got you covered. Solomon & Sons offers temperature-controlled storage in South Florida and will deliver your items whenever your home is ready. One or more of your family only speaks Spanish fluently? Hablamos Español and will gladly maintain communication in both English and Spanish as you prefer.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of comprehensive moving services so that whatever you need, and whatever comes up, we can make sure your cross country relocation goes smoothly.

Our Services Include:

  • Personalized Moving Plans
    • Before your relocation, we will provide a free in-home assessment to build a personalized moving plan including the best collection of services and moving schedule based on your needs.
  • Full-Service Packing and Partial Packing Services
    • We will gladly pack your entire home or just the fragile and heavy items that are difficult to pack alone so that you can meet your moving schedule on time.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Solutions
    • We can provide temperature-controlled storage solutions for short-term delays or long-term downsizing depending on your needs.
  • Experienced and Trustworthy Moving Teams
    • Every Solomon & Sons mover is experienced and background-checked so you know you're working with a trustworthy team.
  • Standard Insurance Valuation and Replacement-Cost Insurance on Request
    • We provide standard insurance valuation and, on request, replacement-cost insurance if you are worried about specific high-value possessions.
  • State-of-the-Art Moving Equipment
    • We only use the latest and most reliable moving equipment to provide efficient and reliable moving services.
  • Multilingual Staff
    • Many of our staff speak Spanish so we can maintain the same quality of service and communication in both languages.

Contact Us Today to Plan Your LA to Orlando Relocation

If you have a relocation to Orlando in the works or are already looking for last-minute moving services, Solomon & Sons is here to help. We can handle everything from a small apartment move to relocating a large multi-story household in a single efficient trip. Contact us today or call toll-free to schedule your assessment and build the personalized moving plan you need to make it to Orlando in style.