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Before Your Move

Verify accuracy of origin and destination address and phone numbers where you can be reached with your moving specialist.
Make sure your inventory list is accurate and contact your moving specialist if any changes need to be made.
Double check your contract and discuss any questions or changes you need with your moving specialist prior to your move.
Discuss any special services you would like to utilize for your move with your moving specialist, such as floor protection, booties, gloves, trash removal (subject to service area).
Dispose of any flammables, fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches and ammunition. Empty anything with gas such as grills, motorcycles etc.  Check our full list of non-allowable before you go.
If you are moving from a location that requires a Certificate of Insurance, make sure you submit the appropriate documentation to your moving specialist prior to your move date. Email a sample.
Label any fragile items that may need special attention.
If packing boxes yourself, make sure all boxes are packed and labeled before the movers arrive. Label each box by category and/or room for better organization.
Make sure all packed boxes are sealed properly and that they are not to full or overweight.
Make sure that you remove all items from any dressers or any furniture with drawers.
Unplug all electronic appliances 24 hours before scheduled move time, so that they will all be at room temperature at time of pick up.
Adequately insure your belongings. Contact your moving specialist to discuss available insurance options.

On Moving Day

Accompany the movers as they load your household inventory. Check and sign your inventory list.
Carefully read the information on the estimate, order for service, bill of lading, inventory list, and all other completed documents before you sign them.
Assure that you take a final look throughout the house to make sure all your items were loaded before the moving team leaves.
Conduct a walk around of your home with your foreman before the movers leave.
Tipping your moving team is optional but recommended.

On Delivery Day

At delivery, be sure to authorize someone to accept delivery and pay any remaining balance if you can not be present.
Be present to direct the moving team where you would like each piece of furniture placed throughout your home.
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