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When you hire local movers, interstate movers, or nationwide movers, you have rights and responsibilities as set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA.)

These rights are designed to protect you and to make sure you're not subjected to illegal or unethical moving practices.

Take time to understand these rights before you begin the process of selecting a moving company. Read a general overview below, and then take a look at the brochure for more details about your consumer rights and responsibilities.

Customer Rights

You've probably heard moving horror stories about disreputable moving companies charging thousands of dollars more than the estimate, or holding goods for payment of extra charges. The FMCSA rights are designed to protect the consumer, so it's very important to understand what your rights are as you begin your relocation. These rights include providing important information that includes:

Additionally, your mover must provide a bill of lading. This is required by law, and the document must contain the same information as on the order for service. Never sign a bill of lading without reading and agreeing with everything contained therein.

Before you begin the move, read and understand all the rights discussed in the attached brochure.

Customer Responsibilities

As a customer, there are some responsibilities that you hold, both to yourself and to the movers that you hire. Your responsibilities include:


Your moving estimate should be in writing, and it should clearly describe all charges for the services that you will receive. If your moving needs change, then the mover must provide a new estimate. Ensure that the estimate is signed by the mover, and never accept oral moving estimates. Additionally, you will want to understand the difference between binding and non-binding moving estimates, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Non-Binding vs. Binding Estimates

When you receive a binding estimate, that means you cannot be required to pay more than the amount on the estimates—but there are exceptions including:

When you receive a non-binding estimate, there is no guarantee that the amount you will pay is the same as the amount within the estimate. This means that you might receive a discount if your move ends up costing less than the estimated amount, but if your move costs more than the estimate states, then you will have to pay more.

Protection and Claims

Some consumers think that the mover is automatically responsible for 100% of damages that occur during the move, but this isn't necessarily the case. It depends entirely on the type of valuation coverage you agree to when you sign the contract. Options include:

Another type of claim is a delay claim. These are filed when a consumer had contracted for guaranteed pickup and delivery dates, and there was a delay. The bill of lading provided by the mover should include information about available penalties when there is a delay.

Learn More About Your Moving Rights and Responsibilities

Make sure you're fully protected by learning about all the rights afforded to you. The attached brochure is an excellent tool for anyone planning a move. We offer additional moving resources to help you navigate your relocation. 

When you need local or nationwide movers you can trust, choose the proven services of Solomon & Sons Relocation. Call today or fill out our online contact form now to get started.

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