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Moving across the country from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale is serious business. It's not a decision you take lightly, and getting you there is something your movers should take just as seriously. As you've probably started to realize in planning your move, it takes a lot of logistics and preparation to move your entire household from one coast to another and you're going to need experts to handle the big stuff.

Fortunately, we're here to provide everything you need for this incredible journey that you and your possessions are about to embark on. Here at Solomon & Sons Relocation, we specialize in helping residents from coast to coast achieve the best moving experience possible by making sure all bases are covered. We believe in a policy of full-service nationwide moving so that no matter what you need from your interstate relocation, we can provide it.

Working with Dedicated Cross Country Movers

Leaving the sunny shores of Los Angeles might be hard if you weren't heading so someplace just as sunny and beautiful on the opposite side of the country. The good news is that your summer-all-year wardrobe will still work perfectly and any warm-weather pets will be just as happy here as they were in your busy Los Angeles lifestyle. However, actually getting all your possessions across the nearly 3000 miles of southern highways is another thing entirely.

Whether you're prepared to pack yourself up and just leave the trucking to the movers or you need someone to get your entire house transplanted from place to place while you take care of business, Solomon & Sons is here to help. You can trust us to provide everything you need for a complete nationwide move, no matter what it takes.

We don't just say full-service relocation, we live by it. Here at Solomon & Sons, we've put a lot of thought into all the services you might need for a complete and successful move without having to worry about extra services or last-minute arrangements.

Full-Service Interstate Moves Can Include:

  • Personalized Moving Plans
    • We will provide a free in-home assessment and consultation to create a personalized moving plan based on your possessions, your schedule, and your additional moving needs.
  • Full-Service Packing and Partial Packing Services
    • Our expert moving team can pack up your entire home or just the large/fragile items you are not comfortable packing yourself. Our packing techniques are state-of-the-art and done carefully so that your items arrive organized and intact.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Solutions
    • If your home isn't ready when the truck arrives, that's okay! We provide temperature-controlled short-term and long-term storage solutions so you can move, store, and receive on the schedule that works best for you.
  • Experienced and Trustworthy Moving Teams
    • Every one of our movers is experienced and background-checked so you can trust that only true professionals are handling your possessions.
  • Standard Insurance Valuation and Replacement-Cost Insurance on Request
    • We provide every assurance and insurance needed to make sure your items arrive safely at standard insurance rates.
  • State-of-the-Art Moving Equipment
    • Our teams use only the latest and most reliable moving equipment so that we can get the job done fast no matter how big or complex your move may be.
  • Multilingual Staff
    • If your household speaks Spanish, so do we! Our team includes multilingual staff to make sure you receive the same quality of service and reliable communication in English or Spanish.

Contact Us to Start Planning Your Interstate Move

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality full-service relocation from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale in the business. Whether you need a quick delivery of your household items or a comprehensive personalized moving plan, we are here to provide! Contact us online or call to find out more and begin planning your interstate move today!