For some people, moving is an incredibly personal experience in which you lay your hands on every item you own and carefully wrap it up so it will make the trip to a new home. For others, it's an incredibly impersonal experience involving a simple matter of moving stuff from one place to the next. Because every person has their own unique feelings about packing, it's hard to know exactly how someone will feel about professional packing services which is why most moving companies have a variety of options for you to choose from.

Many people prefer to mostly move themselves or to only leave a few things for the movers to take care of, some would prefer that only the professionals handle their delicate possessions, while others are perfectly happy for anyone to simply throw their items into boxes and get going. What kind of moving style is right for you? It all depends on how you feel about packing and how confident you are in your own packing abilities.

1) The Self Pack

The self-pack service is incredibly popular for two kinds of people. The first is the independent DIY-er who enjoys doing everything themselves. You like the experience of sorting, arranging, and taping your items up into tidy boxes and you like to take responsibility for your own tasks. The other kind of person who likes to pack their home up completely are those who are very sentimental and perhaps a little neurotic about how things are packed and would prefer to do everything by hand. This is also the most affordable option so for those looking to move on a budget, feel free to take charge of your own packing as long as you remember to label the boxes clearly.

2) The Kitchen Pack

Let's face it, most of the things in your home are easy to pack. Books, clothes, knickknacks, bathroom stuff, this is all hard to damage and easy to categorize into one box or another. The kitchen, on the other hand, is full of not just breakables but oddly shaped and difficult to nest breakables and for many people, this is more packing responsibility than they can handle.

This is why many moving companies offer a kitchen pack service, in which you can handle all your normal things while leaving the kitchen to trained professionals. While you may not have the cardboard grids to hold glasses apart from each other and miles of crunchy brown paper to protect every dish and glass pot lid, your movers do. With their care and experience, you can be sure that your kitchen will make it unbroken and intact even if you're not a wine-glass-packing expert.

3) The Select Pack

For those who can handle their kitchen and 98% of their non-kitchen personal belongings, there may still be a few items that you're particularly nervous about moving. Whether it's your grandmother's dresser or your collector's shelf of glass sculpture, it's understandable if there are certain items you're not sure how to pack safely and could use a little professional assistance. Movers are more than happy to help you pack select items and collections to ensure that your antique furniture makes it to the new location unscratched and every delicate item is packed in a way that will prevent breakage.

4) The Full Pack

Finally, there are always a reasonable number of people who either don't have the time or simply don't want to pack for themselves. The full pack is the perfect solution for busy parents who need to manage their children during the move, business professionals who don't have the time off of work to pack up, and people who need to move remotely because they're already setting up at the destination. With a full pack, movers will pack up every item in your home, label it by category and room assignment, and ensure that the entire package makes it to your new home complete, labeled, and intact.

Which kind of packing service will you need on your next move? It mostly depends on how you feel about packing, the time you have, and if there are any special items you'd like professional help securing for the move. Wherever you're moving to, be sure to choose the right packing services for your needs.