The great thing about hiring a Fort Lauderdale full-service moving company is that they offer a lot of services you might not have considered before a long-distance move. If you are traveling overseas or just dealing with a long intrastate move, these extras can make your relocation a much more relaxing experience. 

A definite must before any relocation is arranging storage-in-transit solutions with your full-service mover. This option allows customers to keep their belongings in temporary storage before, during, and after moving into their new home. With in-transit storage, you can have much more control over your relocation.  Here are a few of the benefits.

Make a Little Room to Work in Your Existing Home

It's often a challenge to find space for the necessary tasks of sorting through your belongings room by room and deciding what to let go off. Storage in transit at a secure warehouse facility can give you more room in your current home to work with while you downsize your space. The key is sending a few items or pieces of furniture you know you'll be keeping to a storage facility. Then, you'll have more room to go through the rest of your things with more discernment.

Secure Storage for Belongings in Case of Delays

Long-distance moves frequently involve delays of all kinds and amounts of time. You might only be held up a few days on your trip to a new home, but that means your belongings are stuck on a truck somewhere. Or, your Fort Lauderdale movers might even charge extra for the temporary storage at a much higher rate than having storage in transit arranged ahead of time.

Receive Your Belongings When You are Ready

Sometimes, you want to rest after making a long journey instead of dealing with movers and a home full of boxes to unpack. With warehouse storage in transit, you can take a few days to settle in before calling your residential mover about delivery of your belongings. This also gives you more time to make the trip to your new home, rather than feeling like you are in a rush.

Your Belongings are Safe in a Monitored Facility

With prearranged storage in transit, you'll know exactly where your items are going to be kept. You'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that the storage facility is well-protected by fire and theft alarms.

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