The Role of Inventory Management

A moving and storage company can play a huge role in keeping your business inventory organized during a relocation. Our inventory management services start with a detailed and methodical list of all furniture, documents, inventory, and more.

Every item is categorized and marked for easy reference during and after your Florida move. We'll work with you to coordinate each team member's office furniture so it makes it to the right office space upon delivery.

Commercial Storage Facilities

We also offer secure commercial storage options for before, during, and after your move. As we compile a detailed list, we will make sure every item makes its way to our pristine storage facilities. Your items will be organized and easy to access for delivery.

Shipping and Receiving Services

Our large Florida facilities can accommodate your company's receiving and shipping needs during your commercial move. As you order new furniture for your office or business space, we can securely store the items until it's time to move into your new space.

Once your new space is ready to receive the inventory, our team will efficiently install all furniture room by room, making sure to stick to our methodical list of items for each space. Shipping and receiving is one of the most convenient resources your company has to keep your move on time and organized.

Some advantages of our shipping and receiving services include:

  • Unpacking: We'll unpack your items as they arrive at our facilities and bring them into your new space.
  • Item Condition: Upon receiving, we'll notify you of your item condition with a written description and photograph for documentation.
  • Assembly: Our experts will assemble your furniture and similar items for you so your commercial space is ready to use.

Final Mile Delivery

Final mile delivery means we'll deliver your inventory to its final destination in an efficient and organized manner. From receiving to shipping, our team makes sure every object is easy to access and can be delivered in a timely fashion.

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