It's a question that most people consider when preparing for a move—should I work with a team of residential movers or a moving broker? You may have thought it yourself and become stumped. Well, that's ok because, in this blog, we're going to break down all of the reasons why you should work with a moving company as opposed to a moving broker. But before we do that, we thought you might want to know more about us.

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Reputation Confirmation

You should always research a company that you're planning to work with. Moving companies will have easy-to-access reviews. Moving brokers will likely not have any third-party information about them readily available.

Damaged Item Reimbursement

It's always possible for items to sustain damage during the moving process. With this in mind, you'll feel at ease knowing that moving companies have insurance for situations like this—moving brokers do not.

Trucks and Equipment

Moving brokers won't actually have any of their equipment. A certified moving company will come prepared with all of the necessary equipment and trucks to handle your moving needs with ease.

Proper Licensing

Long-distance movers need certain licensing that allows them to move your items across state lines—which a moving company will have. Moving brokers are not allowed to transport items across states.

Keeping it Local

Everyone knows that it's best to keep your dollars local. When you work with a moving company, you'll be supporting others that live in the same area as you. Moving brokers are nationwide and have no locality.

Services Offered

A moving company can offer more comprehensive services than a moving broker can. Things like packing, unpacking, and transportation are all options. With a moving broker, you'll get none of these services.

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