The American Trucking Association has been serving the United States for 86 years. As one of our country's most important essential working forces, ATA acknowledges and serves trucking companies that radiate excellence. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services has been endorsed by the American Trucking Association, adding us to a list of prestigious trucking and moving companies. 

If you are planning your next relocation, you can count on our customizable moving and storage company to give you a stress-free move. ATA only endorses trucking companies that meet their already high expectations. You can count on Solomon & Sons Relocation Services to show you what the American Trucking Association's quality services include.

What is the American Trucking Association?

The American Trucking Association represents every sector of the trucking industry. As the voice of the industry that moves the United States freights, ATA supports companies that work hard to provide excellent services all over the 50 states. 

The ATA works diligently to advocate, develop, and advance research policies that promote environmental stability, security, and profitability. They also work with policymakers to guide and educate all levels of government. It is important to spread the message about the importance of the trucking industry in America. 

Why Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Joined ATA?

As members of the American Trucking Association, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services has access to resources that allows our moving and storage company to reach the next level. ATA provides education, advocacy, advice, and connections. This allows our family-owned business to learn the best of the best techniques in moving and storage.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services received an endorsement by the American Trucking Association because we have worked hard to maintain their structured membership requirements. We also provide consistent excellence in all of our moving and storage projects and provide connections to other moving and storage companies to help grow their brand. 

When you see a company endorsed by ATA rest assured, we are a hardworking company that commits to excellence.

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If you have even thought about moving or storage you know the process takes a lot of planning. Call our highly-endorsed moving and storage company today to let us make your move simpler. With customizable services, we can do as little or as much as you prefer. 

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