Choosing the right moving company is a big decision. And if you’ve never had the experience of working with a professional mover, it can also be overwhelming. The good news is that it’s not all that hard to get past the clever marketing tactics and find out what a moving company is really all about. Take our word for it—we’ve been in the industry for years with more than 10,000 successful moves to our name. Here is a short list of must-know questions you should be asking every candidate.

What is Your Experience?

You can tactfully phrase this question in a few different ways. For example, asking how long they have been in business or what year the company was founded will clue you into whether or not they have a little practice under their belt. Experience is important for a smooth moving experience. You don’t want to be the one they are learning on.

What Can You Offer?

Take a good look at their services, facilities, and solutions. It’s common for moving companies to offer relocation and storage services side-by-side. But the quality of those services can depend on many factors like how much the company invests in training employees and how they take care of their facilities. At the very least, you need a company that can offer the services that you need.

How Do I Know You’ll Do a Good Job?

While you could be blunt here—a softer approach would be to simply ask for industry affiliations, awards, or customer reviews. Here, you can take their years of experience and compare that to what they’ve accomplished in that time to judge how your experience might play out.

What Protections Do You Offer?

Wanting to know if you’ll have the necessary protection is a valid question. More specifically, you want to know what packing and preparatory services they can offer that will protect your belongings in transit. And, you want to know what happens if something does get damaged during the move. Watch out for vague answers and undefined processes. A good moving company has an established process for handling each of these things.

How Much Am I Going to Pay?

Pricing is usually the first thing that potential customers want to know about. While it’s important, it’s not the only thing so we recommend that you work your way through this list and leave the price until last. This way, you’ll be in an informed position to determine the fairness of the price you’re quoted. For example, local movers might offer a flat-rate while long-distance movers tend to charge by weight.

The Takeaway on Choosing a Moving Company

While there are plenty of similarities across the industry, not all moving companies are the same. It’s important to take your time and ask the right questions as you shop around. This lets you know which company is ultimately going to provide the best value for your money. Solomon and Sons Relocation has been serving South Florida since 2014 with an exceptional record spanning more than 10,000 moves. When it comes to our reputation, it’s easy to see that our customers and industry partners agree—we’re a catch. Call our office for a free estimate from our experienced residential movers today.