With so many moving companies out there, it's no wonder people struggle with choosing the right one for them. Unfortunately, the Internet is often full of either vague, incomplete, or false information, none of which help make the selection process easier. However, if you've already gone through the move yourself, there might be something you could do to help others who are about to go through the same! For instance, you could write a moving review after the relocation. One that will cover the whole experience from start to finish, highlighting all the pros and cons.

Why Is It Important to Write a Moving Review After the Relocation?

Getting your personal moving story out benefits people that are just about to relocate. Then again, writing a review might benefit the professionals who handled your move. For instance, if the relocation process was enjoyable, talking about it helps the business build credibility. Think about it this way: if all satisfied parties were to contribute with a positive review, it would be more apparent to people looking to hire movers that this is indeed a company with a good reputation. There would be fewer cases of fraud, as well, thanks to the availability of information.

How to Write and Publish a Moving Review?

The majority of moving reviews are posted on websites such as Yelp and Better Business Bureau, so take it to those places to publish your own. It's worth noting that everyone reading through the ratings on these websites should take them with a grain of salt since not every one of the reviews published on Yelp and BBB are legit. Spotting the fake ones is, in a way, a form of art. To distinguish the real from the fake, it's up to those looking into these companies to research them further.

With counterfeit moving experiences taking over the Internet, now's the time to get your voice heard. Time to write a review - an honest one for that matter - to let others know what they would be getting themselves into!

Cover the Basics

You'll want to begin by looking up the company you've relocated with. Make sure you've got the correct spelling of their name. Otherwise, you risk leaving a review to a company you weren't in business with. Remember to mention the essential information. These might include:

  • The size of the move
  • Relocation date
  • The distance covered
  • Relocation costs
  • The number of people handling the goods
  • The condition of transported items upon arrival at the final destination

Of course, you are free to add more information to the list, too. As long as you believe others might find it helpful.

Rate the Experience with the Company

Star ratings are there for a reason: to help paint a better picture of the overall satisfaction levels. While you are in the business of writing a relocation review, don't forget to leave the appropriate number of stars. Rating the company with a 1-star rating suggests your overall experience was poor. If your satisfaction levels weren't just up to par, you could rate them with two stars. Leaving three stars, on the other hand, means your experience was nothing else but average. A four-star review means you had a good time moving with the company in question, while the five-star one means the process itself was exquisite!

Be a Storyteller

Write a moving review after the relocation in such a way that it resembles a story. Start at the beginning of the process and mention the first contact you had with the company. Were they polite and willing to offer you an estimate? Did all their contact information check out? How about the time before the move? Did they arrive on-site to assess the items and answer all the questions?

Go back to the moving day and talk about the movers' arrival. Were they on time? Did they help you pack and unpack later on? How careful were they at handling your belongings, and how many of them were in charge of doing so? Finish the review by stating the condition of the transported goods. For example, if something had gotten damaged during transport, talk about how the company handled that situation. Finally, discuss the total costs of the move and how they might compare to those of competitors.

Once you've covered the entire story, it's time to summarize it using two to three sentences. Then, you can use the summary to recommend the company or send a message to stay clear of it.

Attach Pictures

What words can't convey, pictures can. So if you aren't delighted with the services provided, and you've got visual proof of something going wrong, by all means, attach photos to the review for everyone to see that you are, indeed, telling the truth.

Remain Fair

We understand you might have had a poor experience with the company, but it's important to remain fair while writing the review, despite all the inconveniences. If the movers have done at least one thing right in the pool of the wrong ones, mention it. The same goes for the moving process. If you experienced a problem during the process, note it, but remember that issues should be factual, not opinion-based. 

Final Thoughts

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all took to assisting one another? Today, other people might need help, but tomorrow that person could be you. Honestly, it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to write a moving review after the relocation. And who knows, those 10 minutes of your time could prevent someone from making a relocation mistake - one that would have ended up costing them a fortune!