May is moving month. Everything needs to be handled just so in order to get the kids, the pets, the furniture, and everything else packed and loaded. You have your to-do list, and everything is scheduled to happen on time. Your biggest concern: How will the kids handle the move and what can you do to make it easier for them?

Here are five ways you can reduce the anxiety your child faces when moving to a new community:

1. Research the new community with your child.

Have your child find their new home on the internet and research some of the things they would like to visit once the move is complete. Show them that the things they want to do are still available in their new home. This gives them something to look forward to while making them familiar with the area. It reduces their fear of the neighborhood and gives them a sense of security. They also have something to tell their friends about when it comes to the actual move. These conversations can help provide a bridge between friends during this stressful time.

2. Discuss with your child how they are feeling about the move.

Include the positive and negative points of moving when discussing the situation with your child. It allows both of you to arrive at solutions to reduce the negative impact while addressing their fears head-on. They also understand that you have a good idea about how it is affecting them and their friends while encouraging them to voice their thoughts.

3. Introduce the child to the area ahead of time, if possible.

Visiting the new community ahead of time can do a lot to ease a child's anxiety about moving. Take them with you to view the new home and find the nearest playground. Not only does this include them in the decision-making process, but it also lets them know the move can still provide some of the same benefits as their old community. Take the time to familiarize them with their new bedroom and help them visualize how they want it set up. It will make them more comfortable on moving day.

4. Take steps to help the child maintain contact with the old community.

Keeping in touch with old friends and family members help children realize they are not losing contact with people they have grown to love and trust. Provide a notebook or a file on the computer where they can store addresses and emails to maintain contact. Adding their numbers to your child's phone also assures them they can remain connected with these people easily. These steps provide a sense of control for your child while giving them the confidence necessary to make new friends.

5. Include them in the moving process.

Help your child create their to-do list, so that are actively involved from the start. Any little choices they can make gives them a sense of control when facing an already stressful situation. Choosing where to eat lunch during the move or programming the GPS can be a big deal to them. Let them pick out the favorite stuffy and a few toys to keep them busy on the ride. These decisions give them an active part in the process and help reduce their fears.

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