The things you care the most about are the things that need special attention when you are moving. Be sure that you take extra care to protect them from all manner of risks. When you are moving valuable items, be sure to consider the following.

1. Packaging

The type of packing service you choose can greatly affect your peace of mind when moving valuable items. If you feel more comfortable concealing your valuables, self-packing might be preferable. However, it would be better still to hire movers that you know are professional and trustworthy.

No matter who packs your valuables, you do not want to have the boxes, containers, etc., marked in a way that gives away their value. Do not write “valuable” or the type of valuables kept in the container (ex: electronics, silver, crystal). And make sure anything fragile is well protected with the appropriate packing material.

However, you will still want to be able to easily differentiate boxes with valuables in them so you can better monitor them. If you cannot find dissimilar or easily recognizable boxes, use coded labels such as “towels” or “cleaning supplies” to make criminals pass over these boxes. Just be sure to conceal valuables along with uninteresting items to better protect them.

2. Movement

No matter how well something has been packed, the moving process can still put valuables in jeopardy. This mainly happens for two reasons. The first crops up when you have not hired professional movers and the packages are handled so poorly that no amount of bubble wrap could have saved the contents.

You can solve the first issue by contacting a quality moving company with workers who have experience moving all types of valuables. The second issue that rears its head during the points when the boxes are being moved is the threat theft. Just be sure that there is always someone watching any place where boxes are in public view.

There are many costs involved with moving, so don’t add any additional costs by not taking care of boxes during the points where they are being moved from one place to the next. These vulnerable times include, but are not limited to, from the home to the moving vehicle, from the vehicle to the new home, when the vehicle is parked, etc.

3. Storage

Moving boxes to a storage facility add an additional step to the entire moving process. It essentially doubles your exposure to all of the concerns outlined in the "Movement" section. If you need to store boxes during your move, use a warehouse. There many issues with self-storage, but when it comes to storing valuables the main concern is security.

You might be able to improve the security of your storage unit with a high-security padlock, but in a self-storage facility, criminals will have a lot of time with your lock. This means they do not need to do something as obvious as cutting the lock. Most criminals do not know how to pick locks, but they may have access to bump keys or other bypass methods.

Take out the guesswork when you are storing your valuables during a move. Trust a company whose reputation is tied to the safety of your property. Do not endanger the things you care about.

Closing Thoughts

There are many costly mistakes you can make when hiring a mover, but none are more costly than those that result in you losing your valuables. Even if the value is simply sentimental, you do not want to deal with the damage or loss of the things you care about. And there is a reason you chose to take everything you packed, so don’t be afraid to consider everything you’re moving as valuable.