If you've ever moved, you know it's a lot of hard work and can be overwhelming. Even moving across town or down the street can be stressful for most people. Here's what you need to know about what is involved in a local move and how it differs from a long distance move, along with a few considerations and warnings.

What Is Considered a Local Move? 

Unlike a long-distance move (interstate move), which is also known as a long-haul move, a local move is one involving less than 50 miles. If the move is more than 50 miles, but it's within the same state, it's considered an intrastate move.

One of the main differences between a local move and a long distance move is how you're charged and how much it costs. Usually, local moves are charged at an hourly rate, while interstate moves are generally charged by a shipment's weight. Moreover, local moves are less expensive than moving long distance.

Another difference between a local move and a long distance move is the amount of preparation and time required for ensuring a move is done correctly. On the other hand, consider that even moving a short distance means allotting enough time for preparing for your move.

Cost Considerations Involving a Local Move

Most local moving companies have hourly rates for each moving team. How many workers needed for a moving crew depends on the size of a home as well as the amount of furnishings. Keep in mind how moving can go quicker and involve less time when you have more people doing the work, meaning you'll pay less.

In most cases, two movers are needed for a one bedroom home, while three people are required in moving a home containing two or three bedrooms. Larger homes with four bedrooms entail four movers, while homes having over four bedrooms need four or more people.

Unforeseen circumstances can occur that may add time to your move. As a result, local moving estimates are non-binding. In other words, you will be charged for the actual number of hours for completing a move.

Basic Services Included in a Local Move

When you move locally with us, you can expect to receive certain perks, such as free estimates by highly experienced estimators. We offer competitive hourly rates. We also carefully prepare your furniture and other items so that there's no damage, such as providing disassembly and reassembly services, when required. You have the option of full or partial packing services. Additionally, we offer standard insurance valuation or replacement (cost insurance that's available when requested).

Other Considerations and Cautions
  • Although local movers typically charge by the hour and not by shipment weight, always consult your moving company as to how you'll be charged.
  • Insist on a written estimate, which provides more details than just getting an initial ballpark estimate. A local moving estimate should include all aspects of a shipment, which includes the specific types of moving services you have requested.
  • If you're unclear about anything that's stated in an estimate, don't be afraid to have it explained to you.
  • Be sure any moving company you choose is registered with the FDACS (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) as intrastate companies in Florida are required to register.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for a local mover's reputation.
  • If a company seems to have higher rates, it can mean their crews are more highly trained and experienced for ensuring a moving job is done right.
  • Rather than paying for boxes, look for free boxes. For example, often you can find them in supermarkets or liquor stores. Another idea is asking other people who've moved recently if they still have their old moving boxes. Schools may also be a good source.
  • Furthermore, why not advertise for free boxes on Facebook or other social media networks.
  • But if you do use free boxes, just be sure they're durable and won't fall apart.
  • Declutter your house as much as possible, considering that the less you have to move, the faster the moving process can be.
  • Try not to schedule your local move on a national holiday as rates are generally higher.
Moving doesn't have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can even be enjoyable. For all your local or long distance moving needs, you can depend on the moving professionals at Solomon & Son Relocation Service Inc. Our full service moving company, which is based in South Florida, services all states. Please contact us for a free estimate.