Moving is no fun, especially when you're moving across the country to a new city where you know no one. Finding your way to the new job, finding the closest grocery, doctor, schools, churches, bank, dry cleaner and the post office is first on your list of things to do in the new city.

There are dozens of new things to do when in a new city, but making friends should be among the first ones. After all, new friends will tell you the location of the coolest juice bars, wine tastings, bistros, and clubs. How else will you know where the best indie movies are shown or which parks have band shells for Sunday music in the park?

First: Hit the Internet

Many people who are moving already know Google Maps and Yelp! Quite a few know to check TripAdvisor and City Maps as well as checking Wikipedia. Digging a little further will involve looking up City Data forums, Liveability, Area Vibes, Sperling's Best Places, Neighborhood Scout among the dozens of helpful moving websites. The sites listed are the best among them.

These sites will tell movers about the new city. How, though, will movers know the best place for a coffee, which restaurant is best for brunch, or where the most slammin' barbecue is made? Why, Foursquare, of course. If that doesn't work, however, try Loopt. This location-based app operates by using your location, bouncing it off a cell tower, and then locating everyone else, to show the user in which direction everyone is gathered.

Also helpful in locating an awesome cup of java is Block Chalk. It's an anonymous location app. Movers can check in to read what everyone thinks is the best, in this case, java, while no one reads names or home locations or anything of that sort. Movers can just get their coffee and possibly make a friend.

Next, Ask Around

Social media is an excellent way to pass on information about roadblocks, traffic accidents, the best sale on shoes, in addition to which games just went on sale. How about using it to touch base with people who live in your new city?

We're sure you've made friends on Twitter and Facebook with those who are friends of your friends. Both of you perhaps live in the same area, have kids in the same schools, share hobbies or perhaps craft something other people like. Why not use social media to make new friends? You might have a lot in common.

When you hit those coffee shops, juice bars or wine tastings, take a book with you. You might carry along your knitting, sketchbook or perhaps your tablet for playing games. Many friendships have begun when someone notices what you're doing and shares information about it or just displays some curiosity. Use the opportunity to ask about new things to do in your new city.

Try These Places to Ask Around

Have you ever seen anyone looking sad or grumpy in a park? Green spaces and water, if there is any present, have been scientifically proven to calm people and bring out their best behavior. All you have to do is walk around, perhaps walk your dog if you have one, and/or jog along. Perhaps after a few days or weeks of nodding and smiling at each other, you and the people you nod to will speak.

Festivals are an excellent time to let the hair down and have a good time. People are carefree and happily checking out the reason behind the festival. Food and music have a wonderful way of uniting strangers and making friends of them. Check out every festival in your new city. You might see the people you recognize from the coffee shop, the park, and social media. Talk to them about new things to do in your new city.