Moving to a new home or business location can be exciting, although stressful. On the other hand, it can be so exhausting that it’s easy to forget those essential matters that need to be addressed before moving day. Whether you’re moving to another country or just down the street, it’s critical to take care of everything related to moving. Here are the top five things people tend to forget to do when moving.

Compare Different Moving Companies

Probably the main mistake people make when they move is only securing a single moving estimate. Keep in mind how moving estimates can vary considerably by even thousands of dollars. You need to get the best service for your money, while not necessarily choosing the cheapest estimate.

When deciding on a company, consider the services and guarantees they offer. Be sure you can easily contact them and that they are able to give you the specific services you need. To be safe, get at least three estimates and do some research on your own, realizing how every moving agent will try to convince you their company is the best.

Get Rid of Useless Items

Too often, people move their junk with them. Besides taking up more space, packing up everything in your house adds to your moving expenses. If your home is cluttered with too much stuff, here's what you need to do. Using two bags or boxes, designate one for “throw-aways” and the other one for donations. Then, go throughout each room in your house, picking up one item at a time. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If not, decide if it’s junk or something that be donated to a thrift shop.

Pack a Box of Essential Items

When packing boxes intended for a moving truck, don’t forget to set aside essential items that you need to take with you as you travel to your new house. You’ll need to carry your medications and important documents with you, such as medical records, social security cards, passports, etc. Additionally, be sure you’ve removed all the contents of your safety deposit box because having to retrieve them later can be costly and time consuming.

Label All Packed Boxes

Every box you pack should be properly labeled as to either its contents or the designed room in which each box is to be placed in your new home. You don’t want to have to unpack each box to determine what’s inside or where it’s supposed to go. When you label moving boxes, be sure to use high-quality permanent markers that are waterproof and won’t smudge. It’s also a good idea to color code your boxes by as using the same colored markers for each room, such as having all the boxes containing items for your new kitchen labeled with a red marker.

Take Photos of Electronics

Unless you’re an electronics guru, you probably don’t know where to hook up the different cables that are on the back of your computer, modem and TV. Once cables have been disconnected and become tangled inside a box, it can be challenging to know how to set them up. That’s why it’s so important to snap photos of your electronics before disassembling them. In addition, make sure you coil the cords as well as label them.

Other Considerations and Warnings
  • Cancel reoccurring charges on services, such as such for subscriptions and gym memberships. Don’t wait until the last minute to cancel, considering how many businesses, such as fitness centers, require at least a 30-day notice.
  • Rather than folding clothes that are hung in your closet, use wardrobe boxes. In fact, if you’re using a professional moving company, they’ll probably use these, anyway. It’s so much easier to take out clothing that’s already on hangers. What’s more, your clothing won’t need ironing from being folded.
  • Take a container with you in your car that's filled with practical items you’ll need immediately in your new home before the moving truck pulls up in your driveway. For example, you’ll need cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper plates, silverware and other essentials.
  • Don’t procrastinate in changing your address. You can easily do this using the online form provided by the United States Postal Service.
  • Make sure to remove your garage door opener from your car glove compartment, so the new owners of your old house can open up their garage door. Furthermore, leave behind manuals for household appliances, such as a dishwasher, air conditioner, oven, washer, dryer and others.
Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle when you let the professionals handle the job. Don’t hesitate to call the moving specialists at Solomon & Sons Relocation Service. Please contact us and find out more about our various residential and commercial moving services.