10 Reasons Why You Should Obtain an Onsite Estimate Prior to Moving

Failure to obtain an accurate estimate for your move can result in moving expenses that are much higher than you anticipated. One of the best ways to avoid a moving process that is longer and more costly than you planned is to schedule an on-site moving quote from a professional moving company. Below are ten reasons why you should request an on-site moving estimate.

1) Homeowners' estimated weights and dimensions for possessions are not always accurate.

 Requesting an online or telephonic quote request usually requires homeowners to estimate the size and weight of their valuables. Most homeowners typically lack the expertise required to provide accurate estimates of the weights and dimensions of their belongings. An onsite estimate helps to ensure that movers have a more accurate idea of the packaged weights and dimensions of your valuables.

2) Movers will know exactly which pieces require extra protection.

 Properly protecting your fragile belongings during a move is critical. When a relocation expert visits your home to provide an estimate, he or she can scan your possessions to identify any pieces that may require extra wrapping or protection.

3) It is particularly difficult to provide a moving quote for oversized possessions that you cannot see.

 Extra-large valuables such as grand pianos, antiques, or large fish tanks require special care and handling. These costs are best estimated during a live visit that permits movers to outline the additional resources required.

4) You can learn about other valuable ways a moving company can help you.

 Many professional movers offer a variety of optional moving services such as wrapping, packaging, and haul away of debris. It is easier for a moving company to provide a quote for these services if they conduct an onsite visit.

5) Movers will be able to map out a plan for the truck loading process.

 A live visit to your home enables a moving expert to see your collection of valuables and visualize the most efficient way to load them onto a moving truck. Trained professionals can also ensure that weight is evenly distributed on the moving truck.

6) You may not need as much help as you think.

 Sometimes homeowners overestimate the amount of labor or trucks required to complete a move. It can be a pleasant surprise when a professional mover performs a site visit and provides a written estimate that is hundreds of dollars less than you anticipated.

7) Movers are able to take note of any challenges in advance.

 Narrow doorways, low thresholds, steps, and corners might pose challenges or be more time consuming for movers to navigate. Many homeowners neglect to mention these details when requesting a quote online or telephonically, which could lead to fees that are higher than expected.

8) You may receive valuable tips on the moving process.

 A key benefit of scheduling an on-site visit is the opportunity to receive pointers from trained experts. For instance, movers may offer suggestions and recommendations that can help you save time and money. They may, for example, provide information on the best and worst times to move.

9) The overall cost of your move

 may be reduced with an onsite visit. An onsite visit enables movers to correctly estimate the number of movers required, the size truck needed, and the amount of time required to complete the moving process. When a quote is requested telephonically or online, costs may be inflated due to a homeowner's overestimation of the resources required.

10) You can judge the level of professionalism of prospective movers.

 An on-site visit provides you with an excellent opportunity to gauge a moving company's dependability and professionalism. Specifically, you can get a glimpse into prospective movers' timeliness, attention to detail, and professional courtesy.

Clearly, there is a variety of reasons why you should obtain an onsite estimate prior to enlisting the help of a moving company. From cost savings to increased efficiency, you may be pleasantly surprised by the many benefits of obtaining an on-site moving estimate!