For over 50 years, the International Association of Movers has set the highest quality standards in international moving. We at Solomon & Sons have begun working with the IAM to provide the best services for our customers. 

If you are relocating to a foreign country, you can count on us to have the moving network to provide a seamless process. The International Association of Movers requires moving providers to meet strict criteria to become members. 

This article will discuss our recent collaboration with the IAM and what benefits customers can expect. 

What is the International Association of Movers (IAM)?

The IAM is an international moving association comprised of different international moving companies. With 2,000 companies represented worldwide, the organization is a leader in international logistics.

All members of the IAM provide moving and shipping services, whether commercial or personal relocation solutions. No matter the type of movers, the IAM represents the best companies in the industry. 

When you become a member, you must abide by strict rules that ensure that customers receive the best quality services. A code of ethics and ruleset has made the International Association of Movers the trusted choice. ​​

Why Solomon & Sons Works With the International Association of Movers

As a member of the IAM, we have the support system to advance our moving and storage company to reach its potential. Our team will receive the necessary tools to grow as a business and provide the best services for customers. 

While joining as a member, it's required that we receive two recommendations from current IAM members. We strive to bring the best services to customers and are proud to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

Now that we are a member of IAM, we will continue delivering dependable services. Our team will work with our new network to help you make a streamlined international relocation. 

When you see a company is an IAM member, you know you are in good hands. No matter what country you are moving to, our team will have the logistics oversight to help. 

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If you have never planned an overseas move, the process requires the planning of an experienced team. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services is a premier option for seamless international relocations. We stick to our core value of having professional movers and friendly customer service.

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