Bal Harbour is an amazing community just north of Miami Beach in Dade County Florida. It is closely associated with the city of Miami. However, it has a large commercial area and is wealthier and much smaller than the greater city of Miami. Bal Harbour only has a little over 2,500 residents. It has a long history that stretches almost 200 hundred years. However, it has only recently started to boom and has a bright future ahead of it.

Recent Real Estate History

Bal Harbour experienced a significant run up in real estate values during the housing boom in 2008. Unfortunately, the market crashed in 2009 and 2010, leading to an exodus of residents and almost half the homes vacant. Since then, the market has rebounded strongly, growing in double digit percentage terms every year with many people returning to fill vacant homes.

There are several major new developments in Bal Harbour that people are moving into. The Oceana is one of the nicest developments in all of South Florida. The penthouse apartments sell for over $20 million. The St. Regis hotel is also newly renovated with amazing apartments attached to the 5 star hotel.

Bal Harbour Shops is considered one of the highest end luxury shopping locations in all of Florida. It has an amazing mix of high end retailers, fashion brands and high end dining. It is the perfect place to spend a day when you have no restrictions on your budget. The shopping center's owners recently invested $400 million to completely upgrade and renovate the facility to make it a world class destination and attraction for the entire South Florida region.


There are a wide array of things to do and see in the community. Of course, the city is greatly influenced by its close proximity to Latin America. It has a wide array of Cuban music, food and activities. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian and other cuisines are also widely available.

There are also a number of well-regarded lounges and beach houses. Popular spots include The Zodiac and Artisan Beach House Restaurant & Sunset Lounge.

Lastly, people enjoy lounging on the beach or at hotels with swimming pools overlooking the ocean. These properties are lined up along the coast.


There are many diverse and dynamic sources of employment in the Bal Harbour and greater Miami-Dade area. First and foremost is tourism and entertainment. The city hosts some of the largest cruise lines in the world and a number of hotels and resorts. The founder of Carnival Cruise lines lives in the city. People from all over the country flock to Bal Harbour during the Fall, Winter and Spring to take in the amazing weather, facilities and recreational activities. These create tens of thousands of jobs across the region.

Real estate is another major source of employment. The population continues to grow in South Florida between 3 - 5% annually and needs a continuous source of new housing. This keeps many architects, developers, construction workers and others employed.

Health care, like most every other part of the country, continues to be a growth industry. Physicians offices, emergency centers, pharmacies and other medical services providers continue to spring up.

Lastly, senior care is another major industry. Many Americans prefer to retire in Bal Harbour and surrounding communities for the warm weather and senior friendly services.


To get in and out of any location in Bal Harbour, a professional moving team is required. Residents often have strict building rules as well as many valuable possessions. Moving cannot be left up to a friend or a team of first time movers.

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Solomon and Sons knows the best routes and times to enter and exit the community. They know how to avoid traffic and the local regulations around moving into buildings. They are truly the expert at moving residents into and out of Bal Harbour.