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Miami is the hottest spot in Florida, full of activity and sparkling with white sandy beaches. It's no wonder many seniors move to Miami to enjoy their golden years. Miami is a great place for seniors who want sun, entertainment, and the company of a thriving over-50 community that Florida is known for. It's also not uncommon for seniors who've delighted in Miami for a few years to find a new roost somewhere a little quieter when your Miami partying is partied out.

Whether you are moving to or from Miami, seniors always benefit from planning the move ahead of time. Senior moving services can step in wherever you need a hand. Experienced teams know how to help seniors with the manual labor of moving, as well as special skills in moving antiques and precious keepsakes. You can rely on Solomon & Sons as short or long distance movers.

Expert Residential & Commercial Senior Moving Services

One of the great things about modern retirement is the freedom to move. You can downsize, upscale, move to a senior community, or move closer to family. For seniors who are currently business-owners or operate a private office, you can have your business relocation taken care of with the same service that handles your residential move.

  • Residential Movers can help you move your current home to any other residential location.
  • Business Relocation can help you relocate an office or facility to a location close to your new home.
  • Local Movers can help you switch homes while staying inside your local region.
  • Interstate Movers can help you move your home cross-country with long-distance moving options.
  • International Moving can be planned with shipping by land, air, and sea for your possessions.
  • Specialized Moving can be arranged for possessions like pianos or aquariums.

Plan Your Entire Move with Full-Service Relocation Options

As a relocation service, we realized the importance of planning an entire move with one unified team. No need to worry about coordinating multiple moving services. Solomon & Sons is dedicated to building the custom moving plan you need to make your move easy and enjoyable. In addition to transportation, our services include packing, furniture assembly, storage, logistics coordination, and arranging any special services you might need in addition.

  • Senior Home Packing Services
    • Complete Packing - Our team will conscientiously pack your entire home and relocate it to your new home.
    • Partial Packing - Our team will pack any possessions you don't care to pack yourself.
    • Selective Packing - Our team will pack only the most delicate or difficult to pack items.
  • Full-Service Custom Moving Plans
    • We'll build a schedule and selection of services based on your moving needs.
  • Furniture Assembly
    • Disassemble and Pack - We will prepare your furniture to move, including any disassembly and padding.
    • Reassemble and Place - We will put your furniture back together and place it in your new home.
  • Storage Services
    • Short Term Storage - Store your items temporarily if there are scheduling hiccups.
    • Long Term Storage - Extended storage for items that don't currently fit in your new home.
    • Climate Control - All Solomon & Sons storage is temperature-controlled, so your items are safe.
    • Delivery - When you're ready, we'll deliver your crate of stored items to your door.

Begin With a Free Quote for Your Senior Moving Plans

If you are planning a senior move to or from Miami, contact Solomon & Sons for all your moving requirements. Tell us what you need and we will open by offering a free quote on your custom moving plan. For more information or to begin your moving consultation, contact us today.