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Of all the places to retire in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is among the most practical. With all the amenities of the big cities and small-town prices, many seniors move to Fort Lauderdale for a relaxed and rewarding retirement. Whether you are moving to or from Fort Lauderdale, you can rely on Solomon & Sons for all your senior moving needs.

As a senior, moving takes on new challenges. Experienced senior movers are experts at packing under your direction. They will pack the way you prefer and will treat your keepsakes with practiced care. By working with a full-service relocation team, you can also tailor your moving schedule and all associated services for the most convenient and safe move possible.

Helping Seniors Seamlessly Execute Residential & Commercial Moves

We welcome the relocation plans of both senior residences and businesses. If you are moving to Fort Lauderdale with a personal business or a private office, we can help with that, too. Custom moving plans include cross country and local moves of any type.

As residential movers, Solomon & Sons will help you fully relocate every aspect of your home. The house or apartment may change, but we will help you bring your home with you, whether you are local or long-distance moving. As a business relocation service, our team can pack up your entire office or facility or only the aspects you ask us to move. Specialized moving services can be arranged for any delicate machinery, musical instruments, or other special moving requirements. You can also plan residential and commercial relocations together.

Plan with Full Service Senior Moving

The one thing you really need when planning a move is full-service planning. It's a hassle to coordinate multiple moving services like packing, transportation, and storage during a complicated move. Full-service senior moving can ensure that your move is smooth and easy, even if it's a multi-step or unpredictably timed process.

We will help you create a custom moving plan that includes all the moving services you need, and none that you don't. If you ever need moving services outside of our selection, we'll help you make the arrangements to coordinate your experience from top to bottom.

  • Packing Services
    • Complete Packing - Pack the entire building
    • Partial packing - Pack whatever you don't want to pack
    • Fragiles Packing - Pack the kitchen and delicate items
  • Furniture Preparation
    • Furniture Packing - Disassemble and pack furniture for safe transport
    • Furniture Assembly - Assemble and arrange furniture in the new home
  • Storage Services
    • Short and Long-Term Storage - Store items in crates based on your needs
    • - All storage facilities are
    • Delivery - Crated items delivered to your door when you are ready
  • Custom Moving Plans
    • Create a moving plan for exactly the moving experience you need

Build Your Free Quote for Your Fort Lauderdale Senior Move

If you are planning to move to or from Fort Lauderdale, Solomon & Sons can provide a full-service custom moving plan. Call us for a consultation and we will help you build a free quote. Refine your plans and ensure yourself a smooth moving experience. Contact us today to begin your consultation and craft the best possible move. You can count on our experienced senior movers to take care of your possessions and all your moving concerns.