A DIY move may sound like a manageable job—or at the very least, the extra labor, legwork, and energy may seem worth the financial savings in the end. But here’s the truth: in all but the easiest and smallest relocations, you’ll almost certainly find yourself worse off by attempting to move yourself.

Here are five reasons why hiring professional nationwide movers is a much smarter choice.

1. Risk of Property Damage

Unless you frequently handle heavy, bulky, and/or delicate objects, you probably don’t really understand what it takes to move your belongings with care. It takes just one slip or trip to damage a precious family heirloom or break an expensive appliance!

Of course, even professional full-service movers can make mistakes, but the chances are much, much lower since they’re trained for this exact task and do it hundreds of times per year. With professional moving and storage services, you’ll also be covered by insurance to financially compensate you for any loss.

 2. Risk of Injury

By moving heavy items yourself, you’re not only putting your belongings at risk; you’re at risk, too! Back injuries are especially common among DIY movers, who may not know the proper form for lifting heavy objects—or who may not have access to dollies, ramps, and other key equipment to prevent bodily injury. A DIY move won’t seem so cheap when you’ve got hospital bills to cover!

3. Value of Your Own Time

If you think a DIY move is just about packing some boxes, you’re likely underestimating the total time required by many hours. To handle the entire move on your own, be sure to consider the time it takes to:

  • Shop for packing supplies (e.g. boxes, blankets, packing peanuts)
  • Find and rent moving equipment
  • Get proper permitting/permission for service elevators, street parking, or moving
  • Research more specialized needs like vehicle shipping
  • Pack (and repack several times as necessary!)
  • Load boxes in the truck and arrange them securely
  • Clean your home and dispose of trash
  • Drive to your new home
  • Unload and unpack boxes
  • Return moving equipment

Both local and long-distance moves require all of these tasks and more—so you should be prepared to invest some serious time. (Time that could be spent working, relaxing, or spending time with your family!)

4. Risk of Using a Rental Truck

Driving any kind of rental vehicle can be nerve-wracking, but a bulky, hard-to-maneuver moving truck only adds to the stress. And since you’re driving everything that matters most in the world to your family, you certainly won’t find the trip relaxing!

Professional nationwide movers have dedicated drivers with training and experience in large vehicles. You won’t have to stress over learning to turn, brake, or park an unfamiliar truck full of all your most precious belongings.

5. Lack of Back-up Resources

Last but not least, a DIY move leaves you completely on your own in the event that something goes wrong. Can’t get an appliance to fit out the door? Arrive at your new home and it’s not ready for unloading? Stuck trying to pack fragile glassware? All of these problems will be squarely on your shoulders to solve.

By hiring expert movers, you’ll be able to turn issues like these over to the pros—reducing the stress for you and finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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