Not all Christmas presents are conveniently package-sized. Every now and then, we just can't resist a huge gift for a loved one. Whether it's an antique dresser for a passionate family collector or huge playsets for the family's youngest child; sometimes gifts are very large. In the movies, the oversized gifts seem to magically appear in the living room, backyard, or parked in the driveway. But in the real world, you have to store those large gifts somewhere and find a way to transport them despite your normal-sized car. Not to mention, keeping those huge gifts a secret before the big unwrapping.

Transporting gifts is one of those special challenges unique to the holiday season. Every family has their own strategies for getting it done. Some wrap packages and transport them delicately. Some hide packages for transport and wrap on-site. Some even have an agreement that whoever's hosting for Christmas will accept packages shipped directly to them but leave the shipping boxes unopened. However, when you've already bought something large or quite heavy, logistics can become more challenging than usual.

Today we're here to talk about how to store, hide, transport, and wrap oversized Christmas presents in the most practical methods available.

Storing Oversized Gifts

The first challenge is simply finding a place to put an oversized gift after you buy it. Not only do you need a large, clean, and dry storage space for the gift, you also need to keep it a secret before the big day. The garage is the most common go-to solution, as long as it really is clean and dry enough for storage. Remember to factor in stairs when considering storage in the basement or attic.

Perhaps your best option is a temporary storage unit, especially if you are giving more than one oversized gift this year. Storage units are always clean, dry, secure, and with no risk that a relative will discover their own gift while looking for the lawnmower. They also can supply you with packing material and advise on the best ways to move and store your large gifts.

Hiding Large Presents from Family

In some families, discovering gifts early is a yearly game. In others, the secrecy and surprise are considered sacred. No matter what tradition you come from, it' best if you can keep even large presents a secret before the unwrapping. When storing gifts at home, this can be harder than it first seems, especially if the recipient visits your home after the gift is purchased.

A drop-cloth is the easiest way to conceal something but might be obviously out of place in your usual home environment. Items in boxes can be concealed when wrapped in brown paper. Distinctly shaped items can be concealed by 'building' a box around them made of flattened cardboard boxes taped together.

If the recipient lives nearby and visits often, you may need to store the item off-site to reduce the risk of discovery. The one benefit to a distant recipient is that it's easier to keep a large gift a secret and your immediate family may be in the know.

Transporting Furniture and Bulky Christmas Gifts

Finally, you may need to transport your oversized gift to wherever your family gathers for Christmas. Whether this is your parent's house, a country home, or your family takes turns each year, most people's personal vehicles are too small to haul furniture, appliances, and irregular large objects.

There are three potential options for transporting large gifts.

  • Mail it through a carrier service
  • Haul it in a trailer
  • Hire professional movers

Mailing the gift through a carrier is likely to be the most expensive, as you will have to pay delivery fees for the size, weight, and distance. You will also be subject to holiday-season carrier delays that could risk the package not making it by Christmas. However, it does allow you to drive your own car normally to the event with no hint of a surprise.

Hauling the gifts in a trailer or truck is a very practical option, but is best if you can borrow the trailer from a friend rather than having to rent. A rented truck or trailer will cost you by the day, so you'll want to calculate for the length of your vacation. Some venues will let you take a vehicle one-way for a fee.

For larger loads and multiple oversized gifts, a moving service could easily be your best option. Movers are experienced at handling delicate furniture and large, heavy objects with care. Including how to wrap them for safe long-distance hauls. A moving service can pick up your gifts from your home or a storage facility, transport on your schedule, and even carefully unpack the item at your destination.


If you are gifting oversized items to friends or family this year, think carefully about your storage and transportation plans. Know where you will store the gifts, how you will transport them, and how they'll wind up 'under the tree' on the big day. For more expert advice about transportation or holiday logistics, contact us today!