Are you planning to move soon? If so, you probably have some heavy household appliances and large furniture pieces that will need moving. You basically have three options. You could try to move everything by yourself; enlist the help of friends; or use a professional mover. Even with others helping you, you'll still need some basic equipment and moving tools to make the moving process easier as well as safer. When moving large, heavy items, safety should be your primary concern. Here are some basic safety guidelines for moving bulky household appliances and furniture, a few considerations and warnings, along with the importance of hiring a professional mover.

Use Moving Dollies for Bulky Appliances

Dishwashers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and other heavy household appliances need special care when moved so that they aren't damaged or don't injure the mover. Therefore, it's extremely critical that you first read your appliance manuals before attempting to move household appliances.

  • First, measure your doorway to be sure an appliance can get through it.
  • After unplugging the appliance and cleaning it, cover it with stretch wrap or paper padding, which protects it and also protects the door frames and walls from scratches while being moved.
  • Use a wheeled appliance dolly when moving large appliances because this equipment is able to support the total weight of an item. 
  • Have someone help you put a dolly underneath the appliance and then fasten the dolly to the appliance to keep it secure during the moving process. 
  • Finally, load the appliance onto a moving truck, securing it by using straps and ropes.

Use Sliders or Moving Blankets for Moving Heavy Furniture

When moving heavy furniture, you don't want to lift the entire thing as this can injure your back. To avoid friction and protect your floor and furniture, use furniture sliders. These moving tools, which are also called "gliders", are available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

  • Place sliders underneath each corner of the furniture with the smooth edge toward the floor so that moving is easier, and there's less friction. If you don't want to buy sliders, you could also use frisbees.
  • Start to push the furniture. To avoid tipping, have another person help you.
  • Moving blankets, also known as furniture blankets, can also be used instead of sliders. They work similarly to sliders. However, you place entire moving blanket under the furniture. Then, you start to pull the blanket in the desired direction.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • For moving furniture down a flight of stairs, use a shoulder dolly, which is connected to your shoulders. These lifting straps are designed to reduce the weight of whatever you're lifting off your back. What's more, shoulder straps provide extra leverage as they help in utilizing your strongest muscles.
  • Rather than using your back to move large furniture, use your legs to prevent injuries. Squat and then lift the furniture. Make sure your back is straight.
  • Always measure the width of a doorway before trying to move furniture through it. You may have to remove the door. Once the door is removed, push and wiggle the furniture through the door opening. 
  • Look for the strongest point on a piece of furniture when lifting it, having the furniture close to your body. 
  • Be careful not to twist your body when moving an item.
  • Be sure all the wires and cables of an appliance have been unplugged, and the appliance has been correctly switched off.

Moving bulky appliances and furniture is not a job for the average person. The easiest and safest way to move bulky household appliances and large furniture pieces is by hiring a professional mover who's highly trained and experienced in relocating all types of appliances and furniture. You can depend on the moving professionals at Solomon & Sons Relocation Service. Our full-servicing moving company is based in South Florida and provides moving services to all 50 states. Please contact us.