While a new house is technically yours once the papers are signed and the keys are in your hands, it's probably not going to feel like home until you're actually moved in. Finding the right moving company to safely transport all your belongings can be a tough task, as the process demands that you place a huge amount of trust in strangers to transport your belongings safely, on-time, and securely.

The good news is that with a little research and organization, you'll be sure to find the perfect moving company that will help you turn your new house into a home. Take a look at these essential tips from our team of expert movers at Solomon & Sons Relocation on finding the right moving company for your upcoming relocation.

Tip #1: Learn the Difference Between a Moving Carrier and a Broker

A broker is a sales office that offers your contract to a group of moving companies. Normally, this means that your contract will be given to the lowest bidder. This can lead to poor service and sometimes result in moving nightmares involving stolen, damaged and lost property.

Carriers, on the other hand, do everything in-house so that you deal with just a single company throughout the entire moving process. This means that you will have a peace of mind knowing exactly who is responsible for your property at all times. Carriers can handle all types of moves, such as those that require the use of a storage facility, and tend to be simpler and more flexible, too.

Telling the difference between a carrier and a broker is easy. To verify a company's operating status as a carrier or broker, just search for the name of the long-distance mover or company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association's website. This is a federally maintained database that empowers you to make the right choice about the moving services you contract for your relocation.

Tip #2: Get an In-Home Estimate

Customers are often shocked at the differences in price from one moving company to the next. Taking the time to collect a range of quotes can result in significant savings, so it's important to invest time into the process.

Moving companies have a lot of different methods when it comes to generating their quotes. But the best method, without any doubt, is an in-home estimate. With this method, a personal moving coordinator will come to your property to evaluate your situation and determine what they will be responsible for moving. This helps you to avoid any unexpected additional charges after you've signed your contract.

As an added benefit, in-home estimates give you the opportunity to make in-person contact with your carrier and ask any additional questions you may have. It can also make you feel much more comfortable, which is important when it comes to a process like moving that requires so much trust between you and the company you hire.

Tip #3: Read Your Contract Before Signing

A surprising number of customers fail to properly read the contract they've signed with their moving company and can be shocked at the results of some clauses they unknowingly agreed to. On the other hand, some people also contract companies that don't work with contracts at all—which can be a giant, costly mistake down the line.

Make sure to always get everything in writing, and to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the contract you sign. Be sure to pay attention to the evaluation and the delivery timeframe, as well. Also, if you are promised something verbally, you should feel comfortable asking that it is reflected in your written contract just to be sure.

If you're looking for top-quality moving services, Solomon & Sons Relocation can help. Since 2014, we've risen to the top of the moving industry in the Fort Lauderdale & Miami area with friendly, reliable customer service and exceptional relocation and storage solutions. To learn more, give us a call now to speak with a representative over the phone, or fill out our online form to request a free, in-home pricing estimate for your move.