How to Save on Moving Supplies

With the cost of hiring movers, buying supplies, getting insurance, and more, you may be shocked at just how much you are spending on your move. Though seemingly simple, even moving boxes can cost you a lot. However, there are plenty of ways and places you can find your own free moving boxes. Below, are the most common places you can find discounted or free supplies to make your move a little cheaper.

Grocery Store

Before your move, contact your local grocery store to see when their food shipments come in. This way, you can go in the next day to pick up all the extra boxes for free. Fruit boxes are some the best for moving since they usually have handles and strong bottoms. Be sure to only use boxes that are not damaged. Check for stains, wet spots, and broken boxes.

Craigslist and Freecycle

With a bit of good luck, you will be able to score some boxes in the free section of Craigslist or on Freecycle. Most people are familiar with Craigslist but Free cycle is still relatively new. This is a website where people list items that they are getting rid of for free. Moving boxes are frequently listed on this site.

Scan the listings on the weekend or the beginning of the week; this is when most people put up their ads. You can also post in the wanted section on Craigslist. Write an ad stating that you are looking for moving boxes. Even if you do not get any responses, there are still plenty of other resources to try.

Office Supply Store

Office supplies are shipped in durable boxes and often come with spare packing supplies that brick and mortar stores do not use. Visit stores such as Office Depot or Staples. Plus, if your search outside the store is unsuccessful, you can easily check inside the store for sales and discounts on various moving supplies. 

Recycling Centers

A lot of people dump their unwanted cardboard boxes at a recycling center, which is a godsend for you. Stop by your local recycling center and see if they have extra cardboard boxes that you can use for your move. Even if the boxes are broken down, a little packing tape can provide a quick fix. It is also not a bad idea to ask the attendant what days are more popular for broken down cardboard boxes too. That way, you can head down for a surplus of moving boxes, instead of going home empty-handed.

Liquor Stores

Liquor boxes are durable and small enough to move some of your belongings. You can also use the six-pack boxes as moving boxes, though they are not as sturdy as liquor boxes. Just watch out for the sharp staples in the boxes; the fewer injuries while you are moving, the better.

U-Haul Customer Connect

U-Haul’s Customer Connect tool lets you search for free moving boxes in your area. These boxes come from people who have recently finished unpacking and need to get rid of their boxes quickly. To find free moving boxes, all you have to do is enter your city and/or zip code in the search box. They are just waiting for you to put your belongings in them.

Apartment Complexes

When looking for free moving boxes, sometimes the best place you can look is an apartment complex. Large complexes are great because people are moving in and out all the time. Talk to the apartment manager and ask if there are any free boxes available. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

With these resources, you can significantly cut down your moving costs. Free moving boxes are out there; you just need to know where to look.