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You don't need us to tell you that moving—while exciting—isn't always simple.

Any move brings with it the promise of extra complications. If you're moving far away, you need to deal with finding new health providers, transitioning to a new job, and scoping out schools. Even for a local move, you'll need to prepare to switch over your electric, get acquainted with a new neighborhood, and make your house feel like a home.

At Solomon & Sons relocation, our aim is to make moving as simple as possible. With our experience, customer service, and understanding of your needs, we'll always prioritize the ease and efficiency of your moving experience. So, whether you're moving long distance or near Deerfield Beach, check out our services:

Going Long Distance? We'll go With You

If you're planning that cross-country move you've always dreamed of, we want to help you out every mile of the way. Our trained professionals know how to carefully tend to your belongings during an interstate, intrastate, or nationwide move. It's our ultimate goal to make the experience streamlined and simple, so that you can worry about more important things. And we know that moving long-distance can come with a range of expensive variables —that's why we strive to maintain affordable prices.

International Moves: We Handle Labeling & Customs

When it comes to an international move, your head might be spinning from all the customs regulations, labeling requirements, and local laws between you and the country you're moving to. Moving internationally from Florida is incredibly exciting, but also creates some added complication with scheduling, shipping, and labeling. At Solomon & Sons, we have years of experience with international moves, and can break down even the most complex regulations to ensure for a smooth transition.

Staying Local to Deerfield Beach?

As a family-owned, local moving company in Fort Lauderdale, we have a special relationship with Deerfield Beach and other South Florida areas. If you're moving locally to capitalize on a better job opportunity —or you're upgrading or downgrading to your perfect-sized home—we've got your covered. Solomon & Sons offers tons of Deerfield Beach moving services to make sure that any move (no matter how local) goes smoothly. We understand that moving can be a very time-sensitive endeavor, especially if you're dealing with deadlines to move out. That's why we work with you on your schedule to make your local move feel almost effortless.

Packing Services: Full-Service or DIY

Every move is totally different. Different people want different levels of support to pack up their items safely and easily. That's why we specialize in packing services to help take the load off. We do full-service packing, but also offer kitchen-only packing for those fragile kitchen items. Want to do it yourself? With a self-packing solution, we'll provide all the tools you need (boxes, tape, etc.) so you stay involved in every step of the process.

Storage Needs: Long Term, Short Term, or Commercial

If you're downsizing your home, you may need to place some of your items in temporary storage while you're moving. Similarly, if your goal is to relocate your business or commercial space, you're going to need a safe space to store items. At Solomon & Sons, we offer household and commercial storage depending on your needs. From furniture to fine art—you can rest assured that our facilities are temperature-controlled and secure. By offering secure, safe, and convenient storage, we hope to take some of the pressure off moving.

Business & Commercial Movers

We don't just move homes. We love the challenge of relocating a business and we understand the unique needs of relocating delicate laboratory or medical equipment to a new office. We're happy to offer furniture installation services so that you can set up your office or lobby exactly the way you always envisioned it. As a proud local business, Solomon & Sons will extend respect to your business or commercial enterprise throughout the move.

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At Solomon & Sons, we take pride in our Better Business Bureau accreditation and our glowing reviews from happy customers. It's our goal to apply our skills to offer you the smoothest, most streamlined moving experience available. We know moving can offer up a bunch of complications—let us help you make it as simple as possible.