International Movers

International Moving Services

If you are considering a move outside the United States, Solomon & Sons is a leader among international moving companies.

All moves are stressful. However, moving to another country adds an additional layer of complexity. You are moving to a place where the language, currency, and culture may be very different from our own. You might be dealing with visas, import regulations, and restrictions on bringing in pets and other items. When choosing an international moving company, it’s important to find one that knows the ins and outs of international moving so they can guide you through every step and help you make a smooth transition.

Whether you are moving across the border or across the ocean, we are the international movers who know how to deal with the logistics and legalities involved. You will have one person assigned to manage your move and answer all your questions. From coordinating with our international partners to dealing with the individual laws and customs regulations of your destination country, Solomon & Sons will help to ensure that you have a successful international moving experience!

For More Information

To learn more about our international moving services, or to get a quote to move out of the country, please contact us at 888-201-6462, or request a quote online.