Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

A grand piano is a delicate instrument, and represents a large investment. Moving it requires special knowledge, skills, and equipment, so don’t trust your piano to just anyone!

Piano music lifts the spirit, but lifting the piano is another thing entirely. Depending on their size, grand pianos weigh between 500 and 1,200 lbs. They may be large and heavy, but they are also delicate instruments with many moving parts. So, while it certainly takes muscle to move them, it also takes finesse!

We will carefully remove the legs, and the cover, pad, wrap, and crate everything, and reassemble your piano at its new location.

For Added Protection

Your piano is a costly instrument, so we do everything within our power to protect it from harm. However, if you would like to further protect the financial value of your piano, you can fully insure it against the extremely unlikely event of a loss or damage.

For More Information

To learn more about our specialty moving services, or to get a quote to move your piano or other delicate musical instruments, please contact us at 888-201-6462, or request a quote online.