Florida Mover Review by Poodle

If you are looking to move and need a mover I would recommend you DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT call or use Solomon Bros Movers. I made the mistake of hiring them and to date they have cost me over 7,000 for a 4 day move from Myrtle Beach. It took them two weeks to get down to Sarasota and when they arrived, there were 7-8 priceless artifacts broken, (No compensation offered) two articles the were irreplaceable that would cost today over $5,000. In addition , I had to stay in a hotel for 6 days and they refused to compensate me for that. The company would not stand behind their mistakes and trued to hack my credit cards for over $2,000. All in all I was out some $10,000. I have contacted the District Attorney here in Sarasota and I will be taking them to court. There was a woman who stepped in and assured me that I would be compensated. At the end of the move , before they put my things in my apartment, I had to give them another $890 for "Over runs" they demanded cash or they would not put my stuff in the apartment. When I asked about a baseball glove signed by Mickey Mantle and a bat signed by Yogi Berra, They said that it must have been left in Myrtle Beach. STAY AWAY FROM SOLOMON AND SONS MOVERS.