Moving your family to a new city can be an overwhelming endeavor. Once the decision has been made, though, it's time to find the best way to break the news to your children. While the thought of uprooting them from everything that they find familiar may fill you with dread, telling them in a thoughtful, reassuring manner will replace their fears with confidence. Here are some helpful tips that will prepare you and your children for the next exciting phase of your lives.

Timing is Key

You may think that waiting until right before the moving truck rolls up is the best time to tell your children, but don't be fooled. Letting them know as soon as the decision has been finalized not only affirms them and lets them know that you care about their feelings enough to keep them informed, but it also allows them to come to terms with the many changes that are about to unfold. By giving them the gift of time, you can prepare for it together, physically and emotionally.

Break the News in a Comfortable Location

Moving to a new home is no small matter. Giving up everything that is familiar to them can be a tremendous source of uncertainty to little ones. Your children deserve a safe space to express themselves freely when you break the news to them. Give them the courtesy of not telling them in a public location or in front of others, so that they have the freedom to cry or be angry if they choose.

Give Them the Facts

While you want to initially keep your delivery simple, being careful not to overwhelm them with every minute detail about their new home, school, and city, you also want to give them enough facts to understand what is going on. Let them know why you are moving, when it's happening, and what that will mean. Help them to visualize their new life and routine in simple, positive terms. For example, "We are moving to St. Louis because Daddy got a great new job. We're leaving at the end of the month to a new house with a big yard and a pool. This is wonderful because we'll be closer to Grandma, there are lots of fun things to do in the city, and we can FaceTime your friends here anytime." Be clear, positive, and concise.

Allow Them to Express Themselves

You may know that this move will be a great opportunity for your family, but your children likely won't. They'll probably have a difficult time wrapping their minds around the idea of not having the same home, friends, and school that they do now. Let me them ask all the questions they need to understand what this change will mean. If they are emotional or angry, give them the space and freedom to cry or be alone. As time passes, the negative emotions will fade, especially if you stay optimistic and open with them.

Be Reassuring, Yet Confident

Kids have a funny way of pulling on adults' heart strings when they are upset, especially during stressful or emotionally-charged times. Take the time to validate their feelings of sadness or anxiety if they are struggling, but also be clear that the decision has been made. This isn't a conversation that's open for negotiation or bargaining. If you stay sensitive to their feelings, yet strong in the decision that you know is best for your family, your children will become more confident in it, too.

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