It is important to think of everything before you embark on your long-distance move. When you decide to move, it is important to plan for the unexpected. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services wants to help you plan, so we decided to give you some inside tips on popular issues that happen during moves. Do not hesitate to reach out about any questions you may have or assistance you may need. At Solomon & Sons Relocation Services we are here to help.

Unexpected Emergencies

We all know a lot of things can happen on a normal road trip, but when you add moving a long distance to the mix it is important to be prepared. Some things to consider for an emergency road kit to have a battery-powered phone charger, download all the maps you need, or buy physical maps of your journey. You do not want to lose cell phone reception in the middle of an area you are not familiar with. It is also a great idea to get roadside assistance or a car connection service like OnStar. That way if you have a vehicle emergency you have great and fast assistance to get you back on the road.

Unexpected Damages

You will have delicate items when doing your residential move. Items that are custom-made, glass, or ceramic require proper packing techniques. We suggest you pack these kinds of items in a dish packing box. These boxes often come with ways to separate items, or you can use packing paper and bubble roll to help protect each item in your home. At Solomon & Sons Relocation Services we offer custom packing. If you are concerned about not packing properly call us for easy and affordable assistance.

Unexpected Delays

There are many events that can happen that cause moving truck delays. We know how inconvenient it is for your household items not to arrive on time. This is why we suggest packing several days' worth of necessary items to bring with you on your long-distance move. We suggest you also plan to bring cooking items like a pan, pot, and spatula to make it easier to make your own food in your new location. If you have the cash upfront it may be best to plan on staying in a hotel or eating out for a handful of days while moving.

Unexpected Fuel Costs

We have found that a lot of do-it-yourself movers do not take fuel costs into account when planning their own residential moves. Gasoline is dependent on a lot of factors and can change with minimal notice. You may be shocked to learn that a gas hike can cost you hundreds of dollars in extra expenses over your move. Instead of planning out where to stop for gas, call Solomon Sons Relocation Services today to get a free moving estimate. Our moving packages are accurate and do not change even if gas gets expensive out of nowhere. We will help you avoid the risk of unexpected fuel costs.