You may be wondering why moving companies always seem to offer storage services—do that many people really need storage space when they move? The answer yes, for many different reasons. A move is a big transition in life. It’s a chance to downsize, reorganize, and rethink your living arrangement. Residential movers encounter may different needs for flexible storage.

Some of the most common reasons for flexible storage include:

  • Downsizing: Moving to a smaller residence once the kids are grown and no longer at home.
  • Renovations: Buying a new home doesn’t guarantee a place that is move-in ready. If you’re planning a remodel to personalize your new home, it might be awhile before you’re ready to settle in.
  • Dates and Delays: Sometimes you’re at the mercy of lenders or title companies. If the closing on your new home is delayed, you might be unexpectedly displaced. Or, perhaps your old home sold faster than expected and you’re still looking for a place to settle down.
  • Staging: If you are selling a home, you may want to remove the personal clutter to improve sellability.

Benefits of Using Flexible Warehouse Storage

The upside to working with a moving company that also offers flexible storage options is that you can have the flexibility to securely store your stuff for short or long-term durations. Unlike traditional storage options, you can typically enjoy more flexibility with your moving company.

1. No-Commitment, Pay-As-You-Go

The number one selling point for flexibility is the option to pay as-needed for days, weeks, or months. The flexibility of warehouse storage allows for short or long-term use. You can stash your personal belongings for a few months while staging a home for sale or you can stash all your stuff for a few weeks while you’re waiting to close on a new home.

2. Top-Notch Security

Warehouse storage solutions typically come with fire and theft-protection systems. A state-of-the-art security system with 24/7 monitoring helps keep your personal belongings safe from potential dangers. Plus, many warehouses offer temperature-controlled storage which can be good for preventing environmental damage from moisture and humidity like mold growth.

3. Convenience

If your moving company is the same as your storage provider, getting your stuff to and from storage is a breeze. You can sit back and relax while the provider takes care of pad-wrapping pallets and wooden-vault storage in the warehouse as well as personalized delivery to your new home.

Warehouse Storage Makes Moving Easier

Any pros and cons list will tell you that streamlining storage needs with your mover is a smart choice. As any long-distance movers, you will hear stories about the headaches involved with moving when closing dates get changed and rentals fail to be available on promised dates. Solomon & Sons is an experienced mover in South Florida with a long history of helping families relocate, downsize, and transition. Grab a free moving and storage quote today.