The residential moving season typically runs from spring through fall. Homeowners in many parts of the country like to plan their moves for after the weather warms up in the spring and before the cold weather sets in during the fall.

Moving companies traditionally do more of their business during the summer than in other times of the year. Families that include children often want to time their move with the summertime break between school years. Since demand can be quite high during this time of the year, moving during the peak season (June-August) can become challenging.

Benefits of Planning Your Cross-Country Move in the Winter

Flexible moving dates that allow for winter moves can offer several benefits, including:

  • Movers Have More Availability
  • No Summertime Heat
  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Budget-Friendly Rates and Discounts

Moving Company Availability

Moving during the off-season gives you more options as you choose a business to help with your move. More long-distance moving companies are available, meaning you are far less likely to have to settle for your second or third choice. Your first-choice mover is much more likely to be available for your move. 

Avoiding the Scorching Summer Sun

While many families worry about moving when the roads are icy and cold, the summer months can be equally unbearable. In many parts of the country, it can be extremely hot and humid during the peak moving season.

Scheduling Flexibility

By scheduling your cross-country move during the winter, you avoid competition from other customers. Remember, the summer and early fall are peak seasons for interstate moves. While moving companies may accommodate your needs, last-minute bookings will be difficult to secure.

Lower Rates and Discounts

With less demand during the off-season, moving companies frequently lower their prices. This allows them to keep their employees busy until demand picks back up. The money you can save with a winter move can have a significant impact on your budget.

Not only are rates frequently lower in the winter, but many moving companies also offer additional discounts. You may even be able to find discounted rates on other moving-related expenses after the holidays have passed. You can save money on other expenses such as flights, rental vehicles, gas, and even lodging as you travel to your new city.

Call Solomon and Sons Relocation Services to Plan Your Winter Move

You can reduce your moving expenses without sacrificing value by planning a winter move with Solomon and Sons. We are a family-owned company that provides you with peace of mind during a stressful time of your life. We offer a range of full-service moving options, including packing/ unpacking, furniture assembly, custom crating, and even vehicle shipping.

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