Know All Your Rights When Hiring a Moving Company

With an estimated 40 million moves happening every year across the US alone, as per the US Department of Transportation, getting a reputable relocation services company is a no-brainer. Although choosing a moving company is a massive decision, knowing all your rights once a company has been selected is equally vital. It is important because of the fast-rising number of moving complaints and scams buoyed by the lack of knowledge about the client’s rights.

When planning to relocate, the trust portrayed by the company is invaluable. Under the law, any Mover ought to give you a Rules and Responsibilities pamphlet. But then again, you should be aware of all your rights regarding the following:

  1. The Estimates

You must be aware of how much the entire process will cost you, and when expecting it, the moving company must issue you the estimated cost in writing. Alongside the estimated cost, go through the entire piece so that you get to understand what the firm includes in the price. Never assume that all your considerations are included in the list. However, expect to receive one of the following types of estimates.
  • Non-Binding: the final cost may exceed or be lower than the indicated amount.
  • Binding: the final price should be what was earlier estimated.
  • Guaranteed-Not-To-Exceed: the eventual cost may be lower than what was earlier estimated or simply hit the agreed amount.
Concerning the estimate, if the move is expected to take place within five days or is estimated to cost $500 or less, the estimate may be verbal.
  1. Bill of Landing

It is a document detailing the real owner of the assets inside the relocation company’s truck. While the bill is a receipt-like document, it must be issued at the very moment when the mover assumes of all the goods.

The bill of landing comes along with the estimate while the move commences. If you require an inventory, the relocations firm may still issue one, albeit at an extra cost.

  1. The Insurance Cover

Any Miami moving company chosen is expected to take up the plunge of being responsible for the safety of the assets as long as the contract runs. As a result, having an insurance cover that adequately meets the total value of your assets is mandatory.

Since, higher carriage cargo liability attracts more regarding compensation, expect to pay more when transporting more goods. The whole essence of the insurance cover is compensation in the case of lost or damaged goods.

And, concerning the coverage;
  • Minimal Reimbursement – 60 cents for every pound of anything lost or damaged.
  • Depreciation Value - $2.25 per pound of the value that you declare
  • Replacement Value – you are reimbursed up to the amount that you choose
Aside from this, the moving firm reserves the right to repair whatever is damaged, although this clause must be indicated before the commencement of the trip.

The Claims

There’s a 60-day claims period from the day of moving when you notice that some of your goods were lost or damaged. When you submit your request to the relocations company, the firm must respond with an acknowledgment receipt within 15 days upon your submission. Thereafter, they must offer compensation within the next 30 days.

If your attempt to find an amicable solution to the problem fails, call the authorities or just file a complaint online.