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Located on the Savannah River, Augusta is the second-largest city in the Peach State. If you are planning a move to or from Augusta, our Georgia movers will see to it that you get there as effortlessly as possible. Our nationwide movers specialize in both local and out-of-state moves, and will make sure that no detail is forgotten about.

Experienced Residential and Commercial Movers in Augusta, GA

Here at Solomon and Sons, we have a team of experienced movers who have helped hundreds of people relocate to or from Augusta, GA. We are more than just residential movers. We also offer specialized moving such as business relocation for our commercial clients who plan to make Augusta their new home. Our specialists can customize your moving plan based upon your inventory and the type of equipment your business uses.

When performing local or long distance moving, we will carefully pack and load sensitive items such as computers so that they stay safe in transit. We can also place them near the back of the truck to be offloaded first. That way, when you arrive in Augusta you can get your office set up right away. Our team can handle the assembly and disassembly of office furniture to speed up the process as well.

Moving cross country should not result in inventory discrepancies. Accordingly, we will keep careful records that will make it easy for you to check off items at your new location. With everything accounted for, you can quickly get to work setting up your new operations.

Full Service Movers Florida to Augusta

Your move begins long before your goods are loaded on the truck. In fact, it starts on the day you first learn that you will be relocating to or from Augusta. In some cases, you may know weeks or months in advance, but in other instances you may receive only a few days' notice. Regardless of the timeframe, we want to make the entire journey with you and invite you to contact us as early as possible. That way, we can help you with custom moving plans that will streamline the process and ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Moving is more intense than most people initially realize. This is especially true when you are relocating out of state. In addition to preparing for your move, you still have work, family, and other obligations to attend to. Don't try to handle everything yourself, when our expert moving team can easily assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with packing service, furniture preparation and assembly, short and long term storage, or any of our other services.

Help from Efficient, Professional Georgia Movers

Here at Solomon and Sons, we are a professional local and long-distance moving company who can handle any size residential or commercial move. We pride ourselves in getting you off to a great start in your new location, whether that place is just across town or across the country. If you are moving to or from Augusta, GA, we would love to help you make your move the best it can be. Don't struggle with packing, lifting, or hauling things, when our experienced associates can handle those tasks for you. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.