Other Mover Review by Sarah F.

Solomon & Sons’ movers were excellent — friendly, efficient, effective, both for pickup and delivery. I would highly recommend Solomon & Sons. I do have one comment related to packing that Solomon & Sons should be aware of. I did not comment on it at the time of packing, but realized it was problematic the day of delivery. After disassembling a glass top desk with sleek, stainless steel, rectangular legs, movers taped the legs together with tan plastic tape. Tape removal on delivery day was very difficult as it was shredding & gluey; tape removal was very time-consuming. The legs should have been blanketed, bubble-wrapped, or wrapped in cardboard before taping. Taping the legs was like taping a mirror in terms of the unsightliness and work it created. Fortunately, because I removed the tape after just one week from application, I was able to restore the beautiful look of the piece; however, if I had stored the piece for weeks or months, I believe it would have been permanently unsightly. I recommend that tape not be applied directly to furniture this way.