Protecting Your Belongings During Your Move

We take every precaution to protect everything we move for you from the moment we pick it up until it is in its new location. Sometimes, though, events occur that are outside of our control. How you will be compensated in a situation like that depends on which option of valuation protection you choose before your move.

Please note that the valuation coverages described here are not the same as insurance. Insurance products are governed by state insurance laws. Valuation protection is a contracted level of carrier liability authorized by the U. S. Department of Transportation.

Full Value Protection

Full Value Protection is the highest level of valuation coverage you can get. With it, any item that is lost, destroyed, or damaged is protected up to the full amount it would take to replace it with a comparable item, if necessary. Should anything we are moving for you get lost or damaged, we will either have the item repaired, replace the item with a similar one, or reimburse you the amount it will cost to repair the item or an amount equal to the item’s current market value at the time of the incident.

Full Value Protection is the default level of coverage we offer. By law, we must include the cost of Full Value Protection in every quote we give. You are allowed to decline this, but if you choose to do that, you must actively “opt out” of paying for the coverage by signing a Waiver of Full Value Protection. When you do that, then Released Value Protection is applied to your move.

It is important to note that items of extraordinary value are not covered under this coverage unless they are individually itemized on your shipping documents. This applies to any item valued at more than $100 per pound.

Released Value Protection

If you decline Full Value Protection, your items will automatically be covered under Released Value Protection. There is no additional cost for this coverage, but it is extremely limited. The important thing to know about this coverage is that it is completely based on the weight of a lost or damaged item, not the item’s value. With Released Value Protection, we will reimburse you 60 cents for each pound of weight of a damaged item, regardless of what that item is actually worth or what it will take to repair or replace it.

For example, if you have a computer valued at $1,000 and it weighs 5 pounds, you would be reimbursed only $3.00 (60 cents x 5 pounds) if it were lost or destroyed. As you can see, this coverage does not protect the actual value of your belongings!

Liability Insurance from a Third Party

If you choose Released Value, you may purchase optional additional liability insurance through us or a third party company. We do not automatically include the cost of this optional insurance in any of our moving estimates. Unlike Full Value Protection and Release Value Protection, this coverage is a separate insurance policy against loss or damage. Therefore, when you purchase this third-party insurance, Solomon & Sons is still liable to pay you under the Released Value Protection terms outlined above, in addition to any settlement you receive from an insurance claim.

Filing a Claim

You have 180 days from the date of your move to file a loss or damage claim. You must submit your claim in writing to Solomon & Sons. We must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 15 days. If you purchase a third party insurance policy, please refer back to that company’s policies, terms, conditions, and stipulations. Please be advised that not all policies have the same conditions.