Specialty Moving

Are you moving valuable items such as pieces of art or other delicate furniture?

One of the biggest sources of stress during a move is worrying about damage to your valuable or delicate belongings. These special items require specialized packing and transportation to ensure their safe travel from the move origin to its final destination.

At Solomon and Sons Relocation Service, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your moving needs – no matter the size or scope of your relocation. Each and every member of our moving team is trained and equipped to handle a variety of specialized moving services. From packing to transport, you can be sure that our professionals will handle your specialized moving with the utmost precision and care.

Specialty Moving Services

The specialty moving services we provide include:

  • Fine Art & Antique movers
  • Trade Show movers and equipment
  • Lab medical equipment
  • Computer IT
  • Industrial movers
  • Military movers

At Solomon & Sons we understand some items are unique and require special handling & tender loving care. That’s why we offer extra care to ensure your items are safe and secure.